School Section #17 Township of Roxborough School

SchoolintThe School Section #17 Schoolhouse, Township of  Roxborough, was built in 1869, and was once located on Lot 31, Concession 4, Township of Roxborough. It was opened as a schoolhouse in 1870, and served the residents in school section #17 until 1950. The single storey, one room schoolhouse is easily identifiable, with its exterior of pine, shiplap siding painted red, cedar shingled roof and small front porch. It fits the image of the “little red schoolhouse”. The exterior bears the initials and graffiti of years gone by. Restoration work revealed that the entrance was once at a central location, however, at the time of the addition of the indoor water closets, the entrance was moved to an off-centre  location. The schoolhouse is typical of many others still standing in Eastern Ontario and being used for a variety of  purposes.

The S.S. #17 Schoolhouse was donated to The Lost Villages Museum by the Township of North Stormont.

Schoolint2The interior ceiling is of hand-planed lumber, and the interior walls are in vertical and diagonally placed tongue and groove lumber. The original floor bears the marks of the shoes of many children who were educated in this instituition, and the original box-stove commands a position in the centre of the classroom.