Help keep history alive

Old buildings need love

In 2018 the executive members of the Society met to discuss the physical conditions of the structures, to come up with a plan to address all maintenance issues and set priorities. All of our buildings are old, it is the definition of our museum, to showcase the past and what now remains of the history of those lost villages and the Seaway Project. All of the structures were moved, sometimes more than once in their lifetime and their age and wooden construction need tender loving care to be safe and functional for years to come.

We depend on people like you

The Lost Villages Historical Society depends on volunteers and donations to operate and maintain the museum and archives. As the buildings get older, the need for repairs increases to the point where our volunteer base cannot do the work on their own anymore. This is why we are turning to targeted fundraising.

Our first priority is our Schoolhouse, which needs a new roof, window sills, replacement of a few rotten boards. Fortunately, the roof does not leak yet, we aim to do the work before it escalates.

The Lost Villages Museum sits in Ault’s Park in Long Sault, Ontario. The park itself belongs to the Township of South Stormont, and all the museum buildings belong to the Lost Villages Historical Society. The Society is a non-profit charity as established under the Canada Revenue Act.

We hope that you will be able to help us!