Sandtown Church

DSC00519The Sandtown Advent Christian Church was originally built as an  Orange Lodge, circa 1860, on Lot 22, Concession 8, Township of Osnabruck. The Advent Christian faith began worshipping in this building in 1890. This high gabled building is sided with clapboard.  Its returned eaves and plain  frieze give this structure an imposing
look, although the interior is much more inviting.


SandtownInteriroThe lower, interior walls are covered in vertical butternut wood (board and batten style), and the original lathe and plaster walls have been replaced with platerboard. The interior has been painted to match the original colour. The original, cast-iron box stove, manufactured by Findlay of Almonte, Ontario, is prominent near the central  aisle. There are also the original wrought-iron ceiling chandeliers with oil lamps. Donated along with the church itself were the pews, pulpit, organ, communion table, bibles, and hymn books.Churchint2

The  Sandtown Advent Christian Church was donated to the Lost Villages Museum site by Leitha (Warner) Casselman, and her daughter Betty (Ron) Neville.

The church was officially opened to the public on September 24th, 2000. Today, it is used for weddings, and for yearly Advent services hosted by the Lost Villages Historical Society.