Formerly from St. David’s Anglican Church


The Driveshed was moved to the property of the Beaudette family of Pleasant Valley Road, Osnabruck Township, at the time of the Hydro relocation. It had blown down in a windstorm (2000), and the beams and boards were donated to The Lost Villages Historical Society by Howard and Ron Beaudette. With considerable damage done to the mortise and tenon joints, it was decided to rebuild the structure on a smaller scale of about 1/3 its original length. It was moved to the Lost Villages Museum site in 2001 and formally presented to The Lost Villages Historical Society on July 1, 2002.

On July 1, 2002, Mr. Barry Brownlee, of Brownlee Funeral Homes, Finch and Ingleside, presented his Grandfather’s 1924 Star Hearse to The Lost Villages Historical Society. This vehicle was most versatile in its day, for its front wheels could be interchanged with skis, allowing for summer and winter use.